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    Override a master page text box, but retain master formatting changes?

    theboyk Level 1



      I have a text box on a master page which is set to for entering a client name and ID number. In the master, it's something like this:


      Client: XXX

      ID: XXX


      Is it possible to override this text box on a local page in the document, but still retain formatting changes done via the master page? For example, on the local page I'd like to override the text box (via Command-Shfit-click) and then replace XXX with the client name and ID. Via the master, I'd like to, later, be able to change the formatting of this text — for example, change the font weight to a larger size. Right now, when I override the master item, while it remains linked to the master with regards to the text box size/position, it no longer links to the actual content's formatting (type size, etc.). Is this not possible?


      I realize I can control this via charachter and paragraph styles, but I'm just curious if there's something I'm doing wrong, or if local overrides loose all connection to the master's content formatting.