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    Conditional Builds based on User Audience (i.e., roles and access to host application)


      I am tasked with creating non context-sensitive HTML help for a .net windows app running over Citrix.  The app has many user roles (varying admins from app level to product/region level, underwriters, UW assistants, actuaries, etc.), who all get access to specific functions based on their login/profile, with no single user having access to all or even most functions.  They want the help file to open showing only the content that relates to the user's profile, so an admin would only see admin specific help topics etc.   They want all this in a single version of one .chm so they don't have any maintenance headaches.  Can this be done and if so, how?  How can I get the help to display only a subset of the TOC and associated topics based on the users login credentials?