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    panning AVCHD .m2ts

    pete.march Level 1

      Does anybody have any idea why when importing panned clips to Premiere Pro CS5 the videos don't play smooth?


      The videos plays fine in the camera playback and in windows media player but once I import them to CS5 they like stutter.


      I used the camera record mode 17M and set the project in Premiere as HDV and for the sequence 1080i30 (60i).


      Do you think changing the record mode to 9M or converting the AVCHD video to something else might correct the problem?


      In the past I recorded AVCHD videos in a smaller handycam Sony HDR XR500V and I had no problems with panning when I imported them to CS5.

      I am now using a Sony NEX VG10 which I thought would be a better camera but I am wondering.