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    Version Mismatch

    Tim H VA


      I redistribute the Flash Player executable to about 11,000 machines using a software deployment application and local machine system authority. (I have a Flash Player Distribution Agreement.) Every time an upgrade is available, users swamp our help desk with calls because the older executable will no long install. Apparently, all redistributable executables check the Adobe web site for a new version and, if found, fail to install the old version. Because many users do not have local machine rights, they can't install Flash Player themselves.


      Until recently, when I heard the problem was occurring, I quickly downloaded the newest version of the redistributable executable and rebuilt my deployment package, fixing the problem. The last couple of times a new version was available, the "new" version that I could download was not the newest version available and would not install. That is the case right now.


      How am I supposed to address this problem? How can I be notified of and download a new version of the redistributable executable before the upgrade is available to the general public?