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    Flex 4 DataGrid, Web Service, and <s:CallResponder


      I have app using Flex 4. There are tow DataGrid(dg1, dg2) and two CallResponder (cr1, cr2). One web service with tow methods (ws.method1, ws.method2). One customer Object (obj). method1 return List<obj> and display on dg1. It always working fine. ws.method2 input List<obj> and return List<ojb>. There are Checkbox for each row of dg1. before calling method2, I making a new ArrayCollection to add only selected ojb and then pass to method2. If all rows selected, there are no problem to display the return results on dg2. However, if only some selected, the result from cr2 is null.


      Any idea what the problem is? I'm new to Flex. I need help on this issue.