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    I need help writing an if else statement in actionscript 3.0

    super waffle Level 1

      I am designing a Flash website, and I dont have allot of experiance in as3. i have a movie clip of an acorn named "games" and inside that movie clip i converted it to a new movie clip called "em_games". What i want to happen is,


      if the em_games is rolled over it goes to and stops at frame two


      else it stays on frame 1 and waits for it to be rolled over


      also what i want to happen is


      if  the em_games is clicked it goes to and plays a a as3 coded action where it falls to the ground, when it hits the ground it plays out an animation inside the em_games acorn where it cracks open and a piece of paper flys upward, where it rests at the top of the screen for navigation on seperate pages.


      the instance names are the same as the movie clip names. thanx for any help you might have!