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    Colours don't match in photoshop


      Brand new to Kuler and really like it, EXCEPT...

      I found a theme I really liked, downloaded the .ase file, and used it to build a set of colour squares for reference. That's when I realised the colours I had didn't match what I'd seen in my browser. It didn't take too long to work out that this is not at all surprising because Firefox isn't a colour managed browser.

      By assigning different ICC profiles to my to my AdobeRGB 'swatch' file, I can make them match much more closely the colours as shown in Firefox but this is far too hit and miss for my liking.

      So my question to fellow colour luvers is: "Do the rest of you only use Kuler to create themes for use on the Web and other non-colour managed places?" If not: "Do you feel like you're just working in the dark and not having the faintest idea what colours you're actually creating?"

      One answer here would be to use Opera but I tried that and it just crashes on my Windows XP machine. Is there something I'm missing here?

      For information, my monitor and printers are all as well calibrated as I can get them... and that's pretty good as it happens.

      I'd be interested in your comments.