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    Weird click/transition behavior.

    joshualevinson Level 1

      I am working on a project for my school's orientation department. I have this FXP: http://db.tt/qfo2FFIN, and this published version: http://db.tt/lgznmLhz


      Two things are going bad for me: when the project is published (but not when it is built to test using CTRL+Enter) the file, when viewed in any browser using the "Main.html" file in the project's local build, each "step" at the botttom flickers when clicked. The step is supposed to fade out nicely. When the "X" is clicked in the popup to return the first, home state, the step flickers again. When the project is built using CTRL+ Enter, it works as expected. When it is published, the trouble starts.


      The second problem is quite a strange one. When viewed in ANY browser other than Firefox, the buttons behave as expected. However, in Firefox, the buttons must be clicked instead of moused-over to transition to the correct state. In any other browser, you only have to roll over the buttons (which is their intended behavior). Also, in Firefox, you must click outside each buttons boundaries, instead of transitioning on roll-out, to transition the buttons back to their original state. Odd. Any help?


      If any more info is needed, I would be glad to provide it.