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    Using Solr as webservice




      I've been testing Solr with CF 9.0.1, running on a Windows Server with a SQL Server backend.


      I've been able to utilize Solr as a web service to populate a collection (core) with query data after adding fields to the schema.xml of the Solr core.


      I've been able to query the core using the webservice with FANTASTIC results.


      What I'd LOVE to do is to use that same webservice to add rich documents like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint & PDF files.  I've been experimenting with the update/extract functionality and while I can create the request object, add a file to it using the addFile method and populate the literals with data from my database, once I try to issue the request (using the request method), I get this error:


      org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: orgapachesolrutilpluginSolrCoreAware__javalangNoClassDefFoundError


      So, I'm guessing that CF's implementation doesn't include the Tika/Solr Cell jar files.


      My question becomes: if I were using cfindex to index the rich files (pdf, word, excel), how is CF parsing the content without the full implementation of Tika/Solr cell?


      Any guidance would be much appreciated!