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    How to create Interactive PDF with multiple .mp4 videos– without lagging on playback?


      I'm creating a long document with no real effects-- just a "fade" transition from page to page-- and multiple videos. These videos are all formatted as .mp4s, and I have had no issues with the actual process of getting them embedded and playing back on export.


      My real issue is that the videos are all extremely laggy on playback. Since this is a presentation document, I'd like to know if there are any options for making the playback a bit smoother. Each video, by itself, plays with no issues. Would the combined filesize of all the videos be causing this? There are about eight 30-second videos and one 2-minute video, which makes the filesize quite large.


      Filesize is not an issue, so is there some way to completely embed the videos or create an external folder the PDF document can draw the videos from on playback...? Hopefully I won't be stuck with laggy videos.