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    Large canvas troubles

    EditorPete Level 1


      I'm doing a large screen project in PrP 5.5.2. The center screen output is 3600x1080, which my project mimics. I also have to build two seperate sequences at 1920x1080 for side support screens. Then they all have to play back synced up with eachother. I seem to be having lots of crashes just using 3 video layers (no efx except for placement of video) on the 3600x1080 sequence. Haven't started the 1920x1080s yet. Has anyone experienced PrP having a tough time computing such a large canvas? I have my preview windows set to half resolution as well. Thought I'd ask first before I start to trouble shoot deeper. I haven't had many crashes at all until this project.


      Mac Pro


      2x 3gb quad-core Intel Xeon

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 285

      14gb Ram




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          Magnus Allgurén Level 2

          I am currently working with a 3240x1920 canvas, which will play on 3 vertical 50 inch plasmas in sync. In the end I will have to slice my file to 3 x 1920x1080 files. Anyways, yes, I did experience a lot of crashes which disappeared once I turned off GPU acceleration for MPE. We're using a Quadro 4000 which does not have enough Vram to handle that resolution, it seems. Working with dual Xenon X5680 and 48GB of ram and Win7, it seems CPU does handle it perfectly fine for me!


          Try turning off GPU accelerated Mercury Engine and see if that helps.


          Good luck!

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            EditorPete Level 1

            HI Magnus,

            Got in this morning and turned off the MPE like you suggested, seems to be working. I also decided that my original project might be corrupt, so I started a new project with the MPE off as well. Will chime back in later in the day for and update. Thanks.