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    What is the correct way to load eBooks into the Library?


      I am a new user to ADE and am unsure of how to correctly load eBooks into the Library.

      When I download a book from my local library, it loads the files into my personal folder and then I have to "drag" and "drop" one of these into the ADE library for it to show up and then be loaded into the library.

      Is this the correct way for the system to operate? I had expected that downloads would go directly to the Library without me doing it manually. Or have I done something wrong with the initial installation?


      If this is the case, would I be able to start again by deleting the program and re-installing it?


      Cheers and thank you for your time,


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          Sounds like something isn't quite right with the process.


          When you log into the library's system and request an ebook for download,

          the library's software should look at your computer and see Digital

          Editions.  Then, the library will send a small pointer file to your

          computer.  This file has an ".ascm" file extension.  As part of this

          process, the library software should start up Digital Editions

          automagically.  Digital Editions will read the pointer file and go and get

          the ebook, then register it in your library.  The ebook will be in

          ".epub"format at this point.


          I have to ask you whether the files you're moving have the .ascm or the

          .epub file extension.  If the former, then the library isn't recognizing

          that you have Digital Editions installed and registered.  Instead, the

          library will just put the .ascm files on your hard drive.


          If the files are .ascm format, then it's possible that you have downloaded

          and installed Digital Editions, but not registered it with Adobe.com using

          your Adobe ID (which you get, if you don't have one, when you register).

          That's the most common cause for this kind of error. You can go to

          Adobe.com and register your copy of Digital Editions, and that should 'fix'

          this situation.


          If your situation isn't as I assume above, please re-post and we'll try

          something else.



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            taurus123 Level 1

            Hi and thank you Frustrated in AZ for your assistance.

            I apologize for taking so long but I have been searching the Adobe site in vain. Eventually the registation solution was under my nose within the ADE itself.

            I believe I successfully registered my copy. I then tried another download which was not successful - it only registered in "downloads" with type "Adobe Content Server Message" This I could drag and successfully install in Library. A lttle later I noticed that new file was shown in library file with type EPUB. Still not working as it should.

            I am at a loss to know what to do now - I will keep my eye on the post


            Edit 1 - When I download an ebook from the local library, should "save" be the selected option?


            Edit 2 - Correctly downloaded an ebook from Sample Library to ADE - Maybe solution is not that far away?


            p.s. I notice Frustrated in AZ that you are kept very busy - I'm sure your efforts are appreciated.


            Thank you. 

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              I'm not sure what you should do from this point forward.  If we uninstall

              Digital Editions, then go to Adobe.com, login and then download ADE and

              reinstall it again, it 'should' carry the Adobe registration details with

              it.  However, ADE's installation process leaves some roots in your system

              that can cause problems on reinstallation.  Let me throw this over to

              others in the Forum that may have a better answer.



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                taurus123 Level 1

                Edit 1 eventually provided me with the answer - Up to now I have been "saving" the files - now realize that is the incorrect option.

                Downloaded another eBook correctly from my local library - I really feel silly when solution was so easy. Many thanks to Frustrated in AZ for taking the time to answer my problem.

                I have read one book in ADE and I would just like to say that Adobe have got a great product here - it is very impressive.


                Cheers and thanks.



                Edit: I was typing at the same time as Frustrated in AZ - All now appears to be O.K. If I have any future problems I will call back to forum.

                Thank you.