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    ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property

    ksukat Level 1


      I  have created a service and vo on my server.  I have verified they work and return data.


      I have copied the vo (value ordered) class to my flashbuilder.  it is identical to my file

      on the server.   I have created the TrailerVO.as file defining my class.


      When I retrieve data, I can display all the data, except the field named maxwidth.

      The field maxwidth was added after I had already got things working.   I can

      see in the Network monitor that the maxwidth data is being returned from teh server,

      but it just won't display.  Maxwidth is integer.


      I examined the_Super_TrailerVO.as file and it does not contain the maxwidth.


      Is there a way to get flashbuilder to regenerate this file ?


      Any ideas why I am getting this error?