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    my comp disappears after each loop

    kellyjaye1 Level 1

      Im still a beginner at AE but I feel i have a decent grasp on it, but I will probably murder all the termonology in explaining! :-)


      I created a short animation that loops smoothly.  I dropped that animated comp into another longer comp.  I enabled time remapping and the LoopOut property for the loop to loop inside this other comp (as instructed by tutorials). I stretched the bar in the timeline to the full length of this comp and my animation loops while inside this comp just as I wanted.


      The only difference is that when it get to the end of its first run, it blanks out then comes back.  It keeps doing this and its not consistant.  First it blacks out after the first 4 frames (which is the actual length of the original animation), then it does it after 8 frames, then 16 frames before it returns to the beginning and loops over again.


      I have this happen every now and then for reasons I dont understand but as i fiddle with things, I seem to fix it but cant understand why.  This one I just cant seem to get through and not sure what I am missing.  Hope I explained it well!!