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    Timeline completely disappearing




      While animating in Flash CS5 I have had all sorts of strange things happen, which never occurred in CS3 or CS4. Most recently, after drawing an image inside a movieclip symbol, I returned to the root timeline to noticed i had lost my entire timeline and every single layer. A lot of work lost. All I had was a blank stage and no matter what I tried I could not get it back. The timeline panel was there, just completely empty.

      Prior to this, whenever I published a .swf to test my animation, i had several frames worth of blank stage before the animation was shown. For instance, my stage colour was a pale green, and all I saw was pale green for a split second. This got progressively worse before the issue mentioned above occurred.

      Another strange thing is that I get a completely random moviclip play at the end of my .swf. So, when my actual timeline animation ends, a random clip commences playing on a continual loop. Sometimes this movieclip isn't even used in the actual file.

      Like I said - wierd, annoying, time wasting things are happening OFTEN, and I was wondering if anyone else is having these issues, and if there are any fixes/suggestions.