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    Is it possible using Applescript to place a PDF as a link at a crop bounds other than Art Box?

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      I've spent countless hours trying to have an applescript place a PDF as an Illustrator Link at the PDF's Media Box using "make new placed item". The only result possible as far as I can tell is a link at the PDF's Art Box.


      I've seached around and have seen others with the same issue, but no answers as to whether it is actually possible. As with most Applescript stuff, I am either way overthinking it or it is not possible directly.


      Currently I have a workaround using an Applescript script controlling Acrobat to sidestep the problem by setting the Art and Crop box to Media box, then place as a link in Illustrator, but it is not a direct route into illustrator.


      I have also noticed that in the "Adobe Illustrator CS5 Scripting Reference" that the "PDF options object properties" do not honor the PDF crop bounds (except for the default value of Media Box). Is this an inherent problem with Applescript/Illustrator and PDF crop boxes? Could it be that the options for Open PDF and Place PDF are crossed?


      Thanks for any input on this, It has actually been a problem I could not get past for years.