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    How do I tell Flash to stop listening for an event listener once it is clicked in actionscript 3.0?

    super waffle Level 1

      so i have an event listener a mouse click in a movie clip name "em_contact" i also have an event listener after an animation plays out on an object called contactbtn_mc, How do i tell Flash once em_contact is clicked dont listen for that event any more?

      my code is below





      function gotocontactanimation(EvntObj:MouseEvent):void {

                 var myTween:Tween = new Tween(em_contact, "y", Bounce.easeOut, 0, 475, 28, false);




      the contactbtn_mc symbol is embeded inside "em_contact" and the code for it is below.







      function gotocontactanimation(EvntObj:MouseEvent) {




      the gotoAndPlay animation in question is on the root level inside a symbol name contact_mc. this works fine but the em_contact movie clip is still listening for the one mouse event so the animation just plays over in the background