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    Malfunction of Detail Sharpening in ACR

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      I'm using two Mac computers, both with PS CS5 12.0.4, ACR 6.6.0, and OS x10.6.8.


      On one computer, PS and ACR work fine.  On the other, I have the following problem:


      When I apply Sharpening in the ACR Detail panel, setting all the sliders, then open the image in PS as a smart object, the sharpening has not taken effect on the image in PS.

      When I re-open the image in ACR, I find that the Amount slider in the Sharpening panel has re-set itself to zero.  The other sliders in the panel are still where I had set them.


      However, the output sharpening in the ACR Workflow Options area does take effect in PS, and appears to be working fine.


      I just re-installed everything, but no improvement.


      As I said, it all works on the other computer, so I have a reference for what PS should do.


      Any insights will be appreciated.