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    Itemrenderer which has a checkbox and textarea


      Hi all,


      I m very new to flex,


      I need a itemrenderer which has a 4 checkbox without multiple selections* and a textarea to display a selected checkbox's label/data.


      thanks in advance

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          Piotr Walczyszyn, Adobe evangalist, explains building a custom IconItemRenderer for a Flex Mobile project in Flashbuilder 4.5/4.6.


          This video applies to LabelItemRenderer's as well, can be used in none-mobile projects, and will give you all the basics you need to get started building and positioning your content (4 checkboxed and a textarea) in your custom item renderer.




          The only part that it won't cover in detail is itemRenderer events - you're on your own for that! Good luck!

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            C_5_Johnson Level 1

            Also, even though it's a little out of date, make sure you read and understand Peter Ent's five-part 'Understanding Flex itemRenderer's' article series.




            Part 3 was especially useful for me, as it explains why you should NEVER directly communicate with an itemRenderer - concepts like these are not explained in the AS3 documentation, and are invaluable when architecting Flex applications that use custom itemRenderers and getting them to work with List's or other containers.

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              nandankishor Level 1



              thank u it helped me ....


              But i am using radiobutton for that..here is that code






                          import flash.events.Event;

                          import mx.events.ItemClickEvent;



                                            private function handleCard(event:ItemClickEvent):void {

                                                      myTA.text = "";



                                                      if(air_temp.selected) {

                                                      myTA.text += "air_temp";




                                                      if(atmo_press.selected) {

                                                      myTA.text += "atmo_press";




                                                      if(humidity.selected) {

                                                      myTA.text +="humidity";




                                                      if(rain_fall.selected) {

                                                      myTA.text +="rain_fall";








                  <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="param" itemClick="handleCard(event);"/>

                  <mx:RadioButton groupName="param" id="air_temp" label="Air Temparature" width="150"/>

                  <mx:RadioButton groupName="param" id="atmo_press" label="Atmospheric Pressure" width="150"/>

                  <mx:RadioButton groupName="param" id="humidity" label="Humidity" width="150"/>

                  <mx:RadioButton groupName="param" id="rain_fall" label="Rainfall" width="150"/>


                  <mx:TextArea id="myTA"/>

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