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    Using javascript to resize the window

    joetheyeti Level 1

      I've got a project that I would like to resize depending on which slide the learner is viewing.


      I' aware that the javascript method:


      can be used to resize a window.


      In my case I want it to be for the tall window:


      and for the short window;



      I'm also aware that you can tell a button (or anything else) to execute javascript.


      I'm having trouble making it work, tough.


      I've tried putting the method directly into the Script_Window for the button.

      I've tried writing a function in the published file, then having the button call that function.


      Can you paste javascript snippets into the Script_Window? Or do you need go the whole 9 yards and write the entire function, name the button instance, and tell the Captivate button to call that function?


      I'm just now sure how much Captivate knows how to do and how much I need to tell it.


      Thanks in advance!