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    Trouble in loading external swf file and embedded font dynamically


      I have developed a flex application doing something like this: it loads A.swf from somewhere and show it on the stage

      sometimes A uses fonts not installed on users' machine, so at this time my app will load B.swf with needed fonts embedded in it from another place

      I have working it out that fonts in B.swf can be detected and shown in my app stage, but when I use SWFLoader to show A.swf, it still fails in showing the fonts properly...

      Some of my codes pasted here:


      // load fonts


      private function onFontBytesLoadComplete(e:Event):void {

      var data:ByteArray = e.target.data as ByteArray;

      swfLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onSWFLoadComplete);

      swfLoader.source = data;


      private function onSWFLoadComplete(e:Event):void {

      loadSM = SystemManager(swfLoader.content);

      loadSM.addEventListener(FlexEvent.APPLICATION_COMPLETE, onFontLoadComplete);



      private function onFontLoadComplete(e:FlexEvent):void {

      var clazz:Class = loadSM.loaderInfo.applicationDomain.getDefinition(fontName) as Class;

      var fun:Function = clazz.getFont as Function;

      var fontClazz:Class = fun();

      var font:Font = new fontClazz() as Font;

      trace(getQualifiedClassName(new fontClazz()));


      if(loadFinishedHandler != null) {





      Anyone has idea about this? 3x~