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    Scene Panel Problem


      Hi all,


      I am attempting to animate a 10 minute cartoon using Flash CS5 for Windows 7. I was planning on using the scene panel to organize my scenes but so far it hasn't been working for me the way it should. According to Adobe they say that when using the scene panel "if a document contains two scenes with ten frames each, the frames in Scene 2 are numbered 11–20."... This is not what I am experiencing. For me every scenes Timeline starts from Zero.


      The reason why this is a big problem for me is beacuse the charecters I use in my animations are symbols, each with there own timeline within them. And anything I animate in a charecters timeline transfers over to every scene they they are in... For example, If I set in a charecter symbol for him to move his arms from frame 40 to 50 in scene 1, then because all the scenes timelines are starting from zero when the charecter appears again in scene 3 his arms will automaticly move again from frame 40 to 50... This goes for any animation done within a symbol. If anyone knows how to get the scene panel to work correctly I would really appreciate the help. So far I havent found any settings that would change this.


      Thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Minor point... timelines don't start at zero, they start at 1.  The frames in scenes when you are designing the file are numbered starting from 1.  When you compile the file, alll scenes are mashed into one timeline wherein you end up with one timeline for everything combined together.


          What you might be able to do for your problem is to use the currentScene property as a conditional for your arms movement.

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            PlanetAlgon Level 1

            Hey thank you for the response. Yes you are right my mistake, they all do start at frame 1. But that still doesn't change my problem. Allow me to explain it better. When using the Scene Panel if SCENE 1 ends at FRAME 50 than SCENE 2 is automatically suppose to begin at FRAME 51. But  because every scene is beginning from the same point (Frame 1) any animation I do with in a symbol, (whether its arm movement, mouth movements, the character walking, ect...) it is repeated in every scene which that character is in. The reason is because all the timelines are the same, and due to the fact that a symbol has its own timeline in itself, flash is seeing my character inner timeline and recognizing that I want his mouth to move from frame 10 to 30 and because there are frames 10 to 30 in every scene it is repeated over and over. And obviously the same thing would happen the other way around if when I brought the character into the 2nd Scene and went into the characters symbol and removed the animation so I could apply the correct animation for that specific scene, it would  just remove the animation in every scene that the charecter is in, including the scene the animation was intended for.


              I know several ways around this problem but I really don't wish to do any of them because it would be annoying. One way is I could re-save a character symbol once for each scene I need him for. So if i wanted 1 character to be in 10 scenes I would save 10 different symbols for that character with 10 different file names. But With the amount of characters and the amount of scenes I am working with it would just be silly. What I really want to do is get the scene panel to work the way Adobe says it should but if for some reason I can't do that I won't even bother with the scene panel.


            I hope I explained myself better in this post. Again thanks for the help. Btw this is the link from Adobe I was talking about where they're saying the way the frames should run from one scene to the next in the scene panel.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              My response doesn't change.  You can test the currentScene property as a conditional to control whether or not you have your movieclip play.