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    Lost/Forogtten original Adobe ID

    smiffyinfo Level 1

      Back in 2005 I bought a couple of ebooks as PDFs that I could read on my PC and Palm Pilot.


      I'd now like to read the books again on my PC and possibly my iPad - I've kept the original PDF files, but I don't know the email address that I would have originally used on first activation.


      I've created a new Adobe ID and tried to open the ebook, but I get this error.



      Adobe DRM Error

      System:  7

      State:  4

      Class:  15

      Code:  31

      Message:  Error on response from server.

      Scroll below or view error.log for more details.

      Your Adobe software could not be activated.

      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.

      Adobe DRM Activator error.

      Client Code:  31 - HTTP Code:  502

      Fault location:  15


      Is there anyway I can establish the original Adobe ID from the PDF?





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          Gary, the message you're getting relates to the installation of Digital

          Editions.  Let me start at the beginning, so we can check off the boxes as

          we go.


          The nominal sequence for installation is to go to Adobe.com and sign up.

          You'll get an Adobe ID and password.  Then, you download and install

          Digital Editions to your PC, which captures your Adobe ID.  Once the

          software is installed and runs, then you go after your ebooks.  You've said

          you have a new Adobe ID, so the first part should be done.  I don't see you

          telling us that you've installed ADE, but the error message suggests that

          you have.


          When you install Digital Editions, you should get messages that say it

          installed properly, and at the end of the process, Digital Editions should

          open.  You didn't say that you got that far.


          Some people have had issues installing Digital Editions on computers

          running Windows 7.  At least some of those issues relate to the security

          settings for Win 7 that are set so that your computer can't

          interact/download with outside sites.  You haven't told us what operating

          system you have, so I don't know if that applies.  If you do have Win 7,

          try searching the Forum for the details of the Win 7 issues (I have Windows

          XP and can't tell you what they are).


          Let's start with this and see what's next.



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            smiffyinfo Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, but I think I've fallen victim to not transferring my DRM'd PDF to the ADE authentication method, and that as the old style server is no longer available I've lost the two books I purchased a few years ago. :-(