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    What is CS Live ?




      I just bought one licence of the CS 5.5 standard.

      As soon as I started Indesin, the software asked for my ID Adobe,  and now behave like I want to sign up for CS Live.


      Despite trying to find the answer in the adobe website, I don't even start to understand what CS Live is.

      (Found the FAQ, and the scary huge terms of use, but it didn't help me)


      So, can please someone help me find out  :

      > What is CS Live for ?

      > Do I have to pay for using it  ? (or is it included in the CS5.5 standard licences ?)



      Thanks in advance !

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          CS Live is explained here http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/cslive.html


          Some of the services are going away in April such as CS Review and Net Averages, but others will continue.


          Ken G. Rice

          Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems

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            Muetdhiver Level 1

            Thanks for your answer !


            I already red this page, but it only says that CS live helps to accelerate my workflow, accurately test web content, create blueprints for video projects, and easily share information.

            And that important changes will soon be made to online services.

            That's why I'm looking for some accurate informations to understand what it does.


            Also, is there something to pay, or is it already included in the CS5.5 Design Standard licence ?

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              Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

              CS Live is perhaps a confusing term. I believe Live was a popular term in tech companies at the time, such as Office Live (and now you hear Cloud). The idea is that you have desktop products with an online component, and also services. So CS Live is this whole toolbox of stuff - Acrobat.com, Browser Lab, and Adobe Story (with NetAverages and CS Review soon removed).


              "CS live helps to accelerate my workflow" just means that depending on your workflow some of these new apps & services may help accelerate it. So for example if you need to look at web layouts across lots of browsers then Browser Lab will be a big help.


              "Accuratley test web content" refers to Browser Lab, "create blueprints for video projects" refers to Adobe Story (which lets you write screenplays that then carry forward as metadata in Premiere Pro), and "easily share information" refers to Acrobat.com (where you can share files with individuals and workspaces of people). You can read more here http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/cslive/faq.html under the question "What services are available?" And further down in the FAQ is lots more information on each.


              "important changes will soon be made to online services" just means that CS Review and NetAverages are going away.


              There is nothing you must pay for. CS Live services "are complimentary until April 12, 2012". I do not know the exact plans after this date. Acrobat.com has had paying plans for quite a while now. http://www.acrobat.com lists the payment plans, which includes a free plan. I do not know the plans for Browser Lab and Adobe Story.

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                Muetdhiver Level 1

                Thanks a lot for your answer.