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    Webhelp RH8: TOC book not linking to topic


      Hi (again),


      I seem to have another little issue.

      In generating our helpsystem, we would like to have books that display general information when clicked and also display the subsequent topics. That all works fine, I link a topic to the TOC book and it displays the contents of the selected page.


      However, when I only have a book (no topics), linking a topic does not work. In the output it displays as a page. Is there a way I can have a book linked to a topic while there are no other topics in that book?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          This sounds like you need a redirect topic. Basically this is a dummy topic that you assign to your TOC book that opens but immediately redirects you to another topic. Rick Stone tells you how to use these in his tips and tricks file. Just look for the redirection index keyword.

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            TatjanavL Level 1

            Thanks RoboColum(n) for your pointer. Due to time limitations I could only look at it briefly and give it one try. Redirecting didn't work in this instance. I have a few redirect pages which work fine but so far I haven't managed to get a book to display when there is only one page in that book. For now I have avoided the problem by having an empty page when the book is clicked. Not pretty and I will be looking at this again when there is more time.