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    General questions from an absolute beginner


      Dear all,


      my employer would like to have me set up an online help for our software product. Since I am in the process of converting the current documentation to FrameMaker I have lightly issued the idea to use RoboHelp since we have the technical communications suite 2... I am saying "lightly" because I am freaking out a bit ever since I have tried getting into it, needless to say I have not been very successful and I was not able to find any "classroom in a book"-like help. I didnt find the Adobe help section for RoboHelp very... helpful, I just felt overwhelmed with all the information i didn't feel I needed at the point I was at. Is there a step by step documentation of some sorts for the absolute beginner who does not even have any xml or html skills worth mentioning (I am not sure to what extend those might be needed)?

      Also from an advanced user's point of view, how developed will my html/xml skills have to be in order to really understand and get the best of this program? Depending on this I might or might not be able to book a class but it won't be of any use if i need skills I dont have (yet) in order to even understand the program. In the worst case I might have to do some research on alternatives, although I feel stupid, since the tool is available and im not sure if better alternatives would be easier to use as well...


      I am happy for any advice, thank you!