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    Can the issue of random bold type, caused by spread, at print stage be solved within InDesign?


      A catalogue set up in InDesign looks fine on screen, it looks fine on laser prints and looks fine on pdfs. We've even run GMG print proofs and everything looks fine. However, at print stage any type which is over a transparent picture box has 'spread', making it look like a bolder weight of font. The text in question is four colour grey - this is insisted on by our client and can't change to solid black (100K).


      Our printer has resolved the problem by making adjustments to the final pdfs we supplied but I wan't to correct this in InDesign so we have control over our artwork and files sent to print. There seem to be no trapping options in InDesign to fix this. Or any other way to fix it within InDesign for that matter.


      Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution for it?


      I've seen other forums that suggest InDesign ligatures causing the problem, or printer rips. But this can't be the case in this instance.