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    Download Hosted Video Files From a Topic Link


      We are creating video training content using Camtasia that can be output to several different formats (wmv, swf, mp4, etc.).  We want to host these videos on a service such as RackSpace, Viddler.com, etc. so that our SAS application isn't adversly affected by customers accessing and streaming the video content for training purposes. 


      I'm wanting to include in the RH9 Topics that have associated video instruction 2 links.

      1. One that will play the video tutorials streamed to the customer in it's own topic and
      2. An option for the customer to download the video file (wmv, etc.) to their local computer which they can view at any time (assuming they have the right player). 


      For the first option if the video hosting service provides embed codes (the player plus encoded content) it appears that I can use IFrame or just add the embed code to the HTML of a linked Topic. My test with this are not "pretty" in terms of how it is displayed but I'm guessing I can update the HTML to make this work better.  I'm not sure how to implement the option to download the hosted video file however.


      I would appreciate help on implementing either option.  The key is that the videos are hosted "off-site" with a hosting service

      1) Using RoboHelp 9 HTML

      2) Camtasia to capture screen casts as video tutorials


      Thanks in advance for any assistance