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    ID CS5 and Word with MathType Equations

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      A prospective client has a book with thousands of MathType equations in the text. What's the process for working with this in IDCS5? Do we ask him to export the equations to .eps and replace every one of them, or can we just pull in the Word file, format the text around it, and leave the equations alone? Obviously, we've never done this before, and I see a lot of posts here about problems that I'd like to avoid if possible. What's the best procedure? Thanks.

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          MW Design Level 5

          Here's a quick Google search result with some sample Word files with MathType equations in them.


          I downloaded one and it placed fine with a few exceptions. One should be careful to deal with the styles in the Word doc and ID's paragraph styles.




          Take care, Mike

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            MrMathType Level 3

            One method is to leave the equations in Word just as they are. If you "place" the entire document into InDesign, the MathType equations are converted on the fly to EPS, and will be properly aligned. You can then either leave them as embedded equations (the default), or you can link them. This entire process is described step by step in our article MathType works with InDesign.

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              Thank you so much, MrMathType. Terrific detailed answer.


              One followup question, if you don't mind. Do we need the font that the creator of the manuscript used for the equations for this to work best. I know Word automatically substitutes fonts in text without notice on the fly. Does it also do this in the equations?

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                If you work on PC, I think I can help you by my system of scripts (MT-Script).

                You can read more about it on my site (http://mtscript.ru) or in Scribd publication (http://www.scribd.com/doc/73272275/MT-Script-or-How-to-Work-With-MathT ype-Equations-in-InDesign).

                So, what you can do with my scripts? I think... all you need to prepare your publication very and very quickly.

                For example,

                • you can paste equations from Word into InDesign (you can work traditionally via exporting equations to Eqn00010.eps... and placing these equations into InDesign publication instead of texts with tags like this <<Eqn00010.eps>> ... but I'm just ready to suppose you new and very simple technick ... simply paste all doc-file WITH equations (like MathType objects) into InDesign and process it by MT-UnembedEqn script ... and that's all);
                • you can edit equations directly in InDesign as native objects;
                • you can create new equation in InDesign without Word;
                • you can format all or some equations at a moment directly in InDesign;
                • you can find and change in equations;
                • you can export InDesign publication to RTF with editable MathType equations. Yes! You can do it... It's very simple... one click procedure. The forward and backward conversion Word-InDesign have been perfectly created in MT-Script;
                • you can test it as full functional system from the second part of Friday till the end of Monday every week;
                • you can ask me about MT-Script (MathType+InDesign problems as well) just now --> mvlad48@gmail.com


                It is possible to create Mac version of this scripts BUT...

                the functionality to create new equations and edit them in InDesign will be restricted because of I don't work with Mac and can't create a "bridge" program to start MathType directly from my scripts on Mac. Sorry.


                If you'll find my post useful for you, please, write me I'm very pleased to help you with MathType equations in InDesign.

                It's really possible to simplify MathType - InDesign workflow...


                Thank you.