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    Quotation marks look like ">" in one InDesign document

    RawrArt Level 1

      At my job I am updating an old InDesign file in CS5 with new content. Whenever I press the " or ' I get >> or > (not exactly, but it's a symbol that looks very similar to  >> or >). I have never had this problem and can't understand why it is doing this. There is nothing else in the document that makes the wrong symbol when the key is pressed.


      I am using a Mac and none of that stereotypical IT advice helps (reset the computer, open and close the program, etc.)


      I also already went into preferences & selected typographer's quotes, then changed the quote settings in Preferences > Dictionary to be the correct typographer's quotes, but it makes no difference. I feel like this should have been the solution to the problem.


      Any ideas? I'm getting tired of making the proper quote mark in another document and copy-pasting it whenever I want to use one (the only thing that works).