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    Flash CS5 SCORM publishing at 100% error


      I upgraded from CS3 to CS5 and have just tried to publish a CS5 fla using the SCORM 1.2 and the SCORM 2002 templates at 100%. They are postage stamp size in any IE browser. If I publish the same fla using a "flash only" or even "AICC" template, the size is correct and enlarge and shrink with the browser window size. Also, if use a SCORM template but I change the option from 100% size to the actual pixel size of the fla the IE browser shows the content correctly but is NOT scalable as required.


      Note that this problem did NOT exist in Flash CS3.


      I require SCORM so that I can use bookmarking in an LMS.


      I noticed an earlier answer that resolved the problem with "overflow:hidden" in the html file ... but the SCORM templates do not have this text and so the same fix will not work.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.