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    Pause playback then enter fullscreen: no image




      In my player, if I pause playback then enter fullscreen mode - there is no image of the paused video. Only a black/blank screen. Exiting fullscreen (while still paused) does not cause the video image to re-appear. The video/image will only re-appear when the video begins playback again.


      I am using SWFObject for embedding my SWF and I have narrowed down the issue to the wmode paramter in Firefox v10.0.2 with FlashPlayer (Mac OSX Lion). Setting the wmode parameter to true introduces this bug, setting it to false allows the player to enter and exit fullscreen while paused with no problems.


      I can not reproduce this behavior in Safari 5.1.4 with FlashPlayer


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          MacroProd Level 1

          I made an error in the post above. I am not setting the wmode parameter to true, I am setting it to "transparent", as in:


          params.wmode = "transparent";


          If I omit this property from my SWFObject embed code, I have no issues with paused video and fullscreen. When it is set to transparent, the issue described above surfaces.

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            Gheorghe Blanariu Adobe Employee



            I recomend setting wmode="direct" so that Stage Video to be used both in normal and full screen view. When setting wmode="transparent" FP will use Stage Video only in Full Screen mode. I think that what happens is that when going to Stage Video (the image is rendered by the GPU) the frame that you are currently rendering (thru Flash Player) is not transmitted to the GPU to be rendered.


            I don't know what workaround you could use other than changing wmode="direct".





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              MacroProd Level 1

              Thank you, Gelu for the reply and the explanation. I will follow your reccommendation and use "direct".

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                oshinsky Level 1

                I am having a problem on my Mac, where stage video is working when wmode=transparent.

                I actually don't want to use stage video when I'm not in full screen, as I want the video to appear on top of flash content.


                up until a few days ago, in Google chrome, this was working perfectly.  When not in full screen mode, the video rendard in software, and when I would switch to full screen, I would get the stage video.


                Now in chrome and safari I'm always in stageVideo GPU even when I'm not full screen and wmode=transparent.


                Does anyone know of any change to google chrome recently that would enable this even in wmode=transparent?


                I tried disabling stageVideo by OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = false; but this also forces full screen to be software rendered.



                Thanks in advance.