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    CPU usage spikes


      I have built an HTML/Javascript application in AIR that makes use of the SQLite Database features in AIR. I seem to have an issue with CPU usage spiking to 100% on one of the cores of my machine. I find this most when I do a DB query and try to do anything with the data I get in return i.e. write it to rows of an HTML Table.


      Initially I thought it was just a problem with my code, but I have realized that it appears to be a bit random. I do one query with 100 results and have a problem but a query with 150 results has no problem. Is there something I should be looking for that can cause this sort of CPU spike?


      Just as an FYI I am on a Macbook Pro running OS X 10.7 and AIR 3.1.





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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Micah,

          I haven't heard of this occurring before due to database activity.  Would you mind creating a new bug report over at bugbase.adobe.com?  Please include any sample code or applications that will help us quickly reproduce the problem.  Once the bug has been added please post back with the URL so that others who see this post and are affected by the same problem can comment and vote for your bug.