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    After Effects and Photoshop suddenly crashes on startup

    HakanErn Level 1


      I have a licenced version of Creative Suite CS5.5 and working on Windows 7


      Yesterday I worked with Photoshop and After effects, ans ome things in illustrator as well. Everything worked well, I closed the programs for the day, and turned off the computer.

      To day, when starting again, AE wont start, it crashes on startup, leaving me error messages


      3468 <dynamic link><5> 000000001BA93B80

      (with different numbers every time)


      At the same time Photoshop Extended also has the same issues - crashes on startup, regardles if I start 32 bit or 64 bit version. PS does not give any error messages, it is just a message from Windows telling that it has stopped working. Tjis always happens at "Initializing menus..."


      I have not downloaded anything since yesterday or done any changes to the computer. I have now uninstalled PS and AE, and retarted the computer and then installed again. Excatly the same thing happens...


      Any idea what this can be caused of?






      I have now uninstalled the whole suite, then restarted the computer, installed the suite again - same result. So strangem since it worked before, and I just did not do anything wuíth the computer... Other programs in the Suite is working.


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