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    Swatches Panel Broken

    JustBob Level 1



      My InDesign CS5 Swatches Panel broke yesterday.


      When I select a text box with an arrow tool, I should be able to click on the "box" or "T" icons at the top of the Swatches panel to choose whether I want the box color to change, or the type color to change. These items are not selectable.


      This works fine in the Colors panel, but not the Swatches panel. The Swatches panel works fine when I log in with another user account.


      I wonder which Preference file is causing this problem. I have tried moving many Adobe preferences files out of my Library, without success.


      Here is a screen capture of the problem Panel area. I had a text box selected when I took this capture:


      Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 2.59.17 PM.png