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    document is tagged pdf and reflow




      i have a serious bug. When i check "document is tagged pdf" the reflow doesn't work and un can't tag anymore.....


      The document was created with indesign CS5.5 on mac os X lion and i tag it with acrobat X


      I can tag the document and the reflow works fine. But at the moment i check "document is tagged pdf", the reflow is not possible and it's not possible to ad a tag...


      I really do not understand what is happening!! and there is something funny : i send the .pdf to a friend who uses acrobat X, and guess what, he doesn't have the bug. He can check "document is tagged pdf" and the reflow works fine. so????



      I tagged about 600 pages and it's the first time i see this. i really need help!!!!!



      Thank you