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    Deleting a topic from within Project Manager = failure

    Moonlion2 Level 1
      I searched for this topic here and in RH7's help and didn't see anything, so I ask:

      What could prevent a topic from deleting from the Project Manager?

      There's a topic I want to delete. The ever-ugly RH help says only: "Use the Project Manager pod to remove topics and files from your project." Awesome.

      When I right-click on a topic and select delete, I'm prompted by a dialog box to acknowledge that the file will be removed from my HD. Alright, do it. It then asks me to check it out from version control. I do, and that's the end of it. The topic remains and it's checked out, but I cannot delete it. Repeated attempts to delete it either ask me to check it out again or there are no prompts at all after the aforementioned "removed from disk" dialog.

      I've tried closing and re-opening the project and closing and re-starting RH7 and this problem was extant before and after the 7.01 update.