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    Mac can't extract files- error 4960


      I have a Mac with the OSLion and I am tryign to download the adobe. Once I get to the Adobe assistant its says:


      The following disk images couldn't be opened:

      Master Collection error 4960


      Then it says forver extracting. This happened becuase the download got interruted, my computer shut down too early. I did what other poeple said to do in the forums:

      erased cookies

      uninstalled the adobe assistant

      created a different account in adobe

      tried to download it with Firefox and then Crome


      Don't know what else to do. Any advise will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Try this from a prior post:


          if your still having problems downloading i figured it out. the download you first tried was interrupted and didnt download completely so what you have to do is


          1) in the top right of a mac click search and search for MasterCollection_CS5_ (or what you error is IE photoshop_12_1 ect...)


          2) the click "show all in finder"


          3) look for the .dmg file "MasterCollection_CS5_.dmg" and delete it


          4) try to down load again WITHOUT interuption.