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    "Finding occurrences" error when editing .mxml file in Flash Builder 4.6 Premium (Trial)


      I am evaluating Flash Builder 4.6.  Windows 7 Ultimate x64


      I am trying to go through the Flex in a week training series but I am getting a lot of the "Finding occurrences" errors when editing the mxml files.


      The error:

      An internal error occurred during: "Finding occurrences".



      This error occurs almost every time an xml tag is edited.


      I can dismiss the error window that pops up by hitting 'Enter' and can continue editing the .mxml file but the error keeps repeating.


      I was getting this error in the Day 1 set of exercises but after awhile the errors just stopped.


      Now that I have imported the Day 2 starter projects, the error has started again but is occurring on almost every keystroke when editing an xml tag/element!.


      Anyone have any ideas how to correct this issue?