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    troubleshooting inline TOC export to EPUB


      Dear Adobe InDesign forums,



      I'm humbly asking for the help of your collective brain power, and thank you in advance for reading.



      I'm having issues exporting an 'inline' TOC to epub.



      my book preflights and exports to pdf fine, with the links in the table of contents working.



      when i export to epub, the 'device' or 'ncx' table of contents works (ie. if you click the table of contents button in iBooks or kindle) but the table of contents inline with the text doesn't work.



      when i inspect it, the links are exporting as:



      <p class="toc-H1"><a href="#">Introduction</a></p>



      instead of what it should be:



      <p class="toc-H1"><a href="introduction.html#toc_marker-3-1">Introduction</a></p>



      note the link destination target is generated correctly:



      <p id="toc_marker-3-1" class="Topics-A-1">Introduction</p>



      I have done this before so I know it works (or can work) but i can't figure out what is making it hiccup on this particular project, was kinda hoping that someone out there might have wrestled with a similar issue and could suggest where I might look for the culprit.



      so far, to no avail, i have tried:



      -creating a new book file and re-loading all documents

      -carefully syncing book styles

      -carefully setting book style 'master document'

      -reducing length of book (its very long, i tried with just half the content)

      -reducing the depth of the TOC



      Thank you for any advice or suggestions, good luck with all of your projects, and warm regards from nyc usa.


      in case it is relevant, i am using indesign 5.5 with latest patches on mac os lion.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you've got a lot of experience.


          You know this works in CS5.5. I just tested in CS5.5 with a short book with chapters in a book file and it's working fine for creating the "inline TOC".


          So I'd suggest first eliminating a couple of things first.


          Restore your preferences. This tutorial tells you how if you haven't done it before: http://pfl.com/trb


          Less likely, you could have some corruption in your file(s). You could save the files out as IDML and recreate at least a part of the book to test.

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            I was having the exact same problem, and banging my head on the wall in frustration. I combed lots of blogs and resources, and I finally uncovered the problem. When you are making a book, the odds are high that you will have a few "front matter" documents ahead of Chapter 1, which will almost undoubtably be marked as your "Style Source" document. What I didn't realize was that you need to set up your TOC Style Page in the Style Source document (whatever it may be), and not the TOC document -- or you will experience this problem. As soon as I set up my TOC Style in the Source Style document and generated a new TOC (in the TOC document), everything worked smoothly as before and the ePub now contained valid links to all the documents.


            I hope this little tip helps someone else.