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    Drag&Drop in a quiz - no results


      When I use drag and drop questions in my quiz, I can't go any further from that slide on. The rest of the quiz works as soon as I delete that one slide with the drag and drop question.


      I also tried a quiz with only one slide. The one slide included a drag and drop question to see if I would get any results, but I don't even get to the results slide.


      Anybody who has an idea what the issue could be?



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          Drag and drop question works fine for me.


          did u try navigating manually to the next slide ?? Go back to quiz manager, insert the slide again and try.


          Result slide comes only if the option "show score at the end of the quiz" option is checked in quiz manager >> edit quiz


          If it still doesnt, please share the file at pavs@adobe.com , it will help us isolate the issue.





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            pavan_kumar_s Level 1



            There is a limitation in the drag and drop question.


            You must have equal number of entries in both the columns. This will be fixed in the next release.


            Workaround is : Insert equal number of entries and then delete the text only and not the shapes of the entries which are not needed on the slide.