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    Flickering like old-time movies


      I've just started using Premiere Elements 8.01 to create DVDs from .mpg files, in turn created by a Topfield PVR.


      The result flickers in a very similar manner to old-time movies and are virtually unwatchable. The original .mpg files are very smooth and high quality.


      I'm obviously doing something wrong, however I've searched through menus, settings and preferences and tried every possibility I can find but to no avail.


      Any ideas?


      Win XP SP3, Q9400 (Core 2 quad), 2.67GHz, 2GB RAM (No longer very new, but surely enough?)

      Project is on a 1TB disc with 323 GB free, scratch disc is 2TB with 1.1TB free.

      Source file is 11GB.