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    Release build RSL digest verification error


      I have 2 projects in my workspace: projApp and projRSL. I added projRSL to the library path of projAPP and set it to use RSL linking.

      I built projRSL and projRSL.swc is generated.

      Then I built projApp, the projRSL.swf is automatically extracted to the debug deployment path.

      Everything works fine in debugging, but problems arise when I make release build.


      Following Adobe's help, I used optimizer.exe to decrease projRSL.swf's size, and used digest.exe to embed the new digest key into projRSL.swc.

      Then I used the Export Release Build function in Flash Builder to export projApp to release.

      Now the problem is, whenever I export release, Flash Builder always rebuild projRSL and generate a new projRSL.swc, overwriting the previous one.

      Therefore, I get RSL digest vertification error.


      Any ideas?