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    Exporting FLA to AVI/MOV


      I'm creating a short promotional video which has been created in Flash. I've broken it down into modules for easy editing and then want to export them individually into a video file so I can stitch them all together in a suitable video editing software to create one video.


      I've done this however the output quality is pretty low. It needs to be displayed on a 42" monitor at a trade show so quality is an issue. Can anyone advise me on the best settings in Flash for optimum video export quality or indeed offer any other advice that'll provide me with the output I require.



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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Other than get a proper video CGI app like After Effects? Probably the only thing you can do is hope you used a lot of vector graphics which will upscale fairly gracefully. If you used a lot of bitmaps you're pretty much up the creek, especially if you didn't even do it at least 1280x720. You'd have to go back and retool any tiny bitmaps or they will simply get blurry as heck.


          During exporting you can choose any resolution you want. You can choose 1920x1080 if you wish. Just export your movie at 1920x1080 and take a look at it. If it's acceptable then you need not do anything else.


          In the future, definitely start with the highest possible resolution you may need. It's standard in video to produce in at or above the resolution of your target (typically larger) and then reduce size. It has a nice smoothing effect and you'll never be in this situation again.

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            Sunrider69 Level 1

            Yeah, I figured as much. MOVs also seem to export much better than AVI's. The project is complete now (it was mostly text/vector) and it looks OK. Thanks for the input.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              Glad you got it to work!

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                johndwight Level 1

                Actually, you can use a third-party tool like moyea or sothink to convert swf to HD video.