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    Library path config page missing

      I'm just getting started in Flex so I loaded up the Flex Builder 3 on my main computer which is running Windows XP 64. I was going through a couple of the books I have and testing out sample code to get a hang for the programming. I ran into some weird errors and was able to track it back to missing libraries. I right clicked on the project -> properties -> build path and the page is completely blank. Not knowing if that is right or not, I went on and wasted about another 3 hours. Now I'm convinced that this is the issue. I created a new project from scratch and immediately went into build path and again, it's blank. I then installed flex builder 3 on my notebook (xp 32 bit) and created a new project and the build page was there. Is there something incompatible with XP64 and Flex Builder 3?