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    Help! Regular Drop outs whilst importing HDV Video on Premiere Pro CS5.

    J Maggs Level 1

      Despite all research I am at a loss for answers with this one. Hoping some may have a good suggestion for a solution.


      I have been using my Sony HVR-V1P HDV video camera for some time through Premiere Pro CS4, and now have CS5. I have not had previous issues with drop out, apart from the very occasional drop out which I understand can be due to faulty tape, dirty heads etc.


      I don't believe this is my current problem and I will explain why.


      On my latest batch of tapes drop out on the tapes occurs regularly, and I do mean regularly. I could alsmost time 58 seconds between each dropout. This occurred over 5 tapes, some of which were from different batches (used Sony HDV mini DV tapes). Now believing this may be a dirty heads problem, or possibly a bad batch of tapes, I have recaptured some of the tapes. The surprising thing is the drop out still occurred, but they were in different places on the tape. So where the drop out occurred on particular parts of the footage before, it now dropped out in other sections, and as regularly as before. So of course, camera fault? I don't believe so. I captured some of the footage with a second camera in which the drop out also show in the captures. I have also tried capturing the footage using the second camera in case there was an output problem or fault. The drop outs still occurred. I have also tried different leads with the same result. I have also captured the footage to different hard drives on the PC, still no change. With all attempts the footage was captured as mpeg clips as I have always done previously with success.


      So I'm sending out this hail mary hoping someone may know the cause, or have a suggestion why this is suddenly occurring. Nothing on my system has changed, and am running Windows 64bit and have plenty of speed and ram. I have run premiere pro, after effects, and photoshop progams similaneously and the PC coped very well.


      Appreciate any suggestions. Or any further ideas of what to try to locate the problem.


      Thanks in advance.