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    Learning dreamweaver cs4 before cs5.5


      I have recently taken a course in dreamweaver cs5.5 at college and also have dreamweaver cs5.5 on my home computer and I am just messing about learning to hopefully one day do web design as a permanent job. I got offered to do a course today at a dramatically reduced price. It is only £99 for a course that usually costs £1200. It is all distance learning so over the Internet but has 12 months support and over 500 hours of training content but the only thing is that the course teaches dreamweaver cs4 and my question really is will this be beneficiall learning that version of dreamweaver?

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          osgood_ Level 8

          Actually you shouldn't be taking too much time to learn either DWCS5.5 or DWCS4 - the very best approach is to learn html and css first off. Use Dreamweaver as a support tool rather than a mainstream tool you can't do with out and that you become dependent on.


          Dreamweaver will restrict your progress unless you are prepared to escape from its comfortable but stifling environment.

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            OUFC_86 Level 1

            This course does infact cover all of those areas as well so will be learning it all but will it matter if I'm being taught these practises to use in conjunction with cs4 when I will be using cs5.5. Is cs4 drastically different to cs5?? Will I be able to use both comfortably should I learn CSS and HTML?

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              I couldn't agree with osgood more!

              The tool DreamWeaver, whatever version has only a small part to play in learning HTML and CSS, which is FAR more important if you plan on developing Web pages.

              So depending on the course, you may or may not benefit from it..

              If the emphsis of the course is using DW as a WYSIWYG editor then I would steer clear.. it will retard your growth as a Web Developer.

              If you first build the foundation in HTML and CSS, then the variations and chnges from one version of DW to the next will be much easier to deal with.

              Best wishes,


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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I find it interesting that the course syllabus was not yet updated to CS5 or CS5.5.

                Maybe that explains the "discounted" tuition??


                I think you should take the appropriate course for your version of DW.  You can do that at minimum expense ($25/month) at at Lynda.com




                Nancy O.

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                  Sounds a bit steep to me if when you get the course you find it's not very helpfull. I was told about a site called simonsezit. It not only has 5.5 but also other tutorials like databases, word, excell and all for about 60 quid for 12 months access to all the tutorials. I had never built a website in my life and when i opened Dreamweaver i didn't even know where to start. Within 10 minuits of watching the tutorial I was well on my way round 5.5 and within a couple of hours I had built my first few pages.


                  It also has free starts to the tutorials so you can take a look and make your mind up.


                  Together with this forum and the tutorials I am well infront and at the moment I am on to databases. Well worth the £ 60 for me but hay everyones differant.