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    How to get Horizontal Slider in line with text?

    dhondtl Level 1



      I am trying to put my horizontal sliders in line with text information, but for some reason the alignmentbase property does not work. Any tips?


      The code I use now:


      <s:Panel id= "ViewTracksPanel"

                       title = "Viewing settings"





                      <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="10" paddingTop="10" paddingBottom="10"/>



                  <s:VGroup >           

                      <s:HGroup gap="30">

                          <s:RadioButton group="{viewingtype}" id="viewtrackHistory" label="Track History" value="History" />

                          <s:RadioButton group="{viewingtype}" id="viewLatestLocation" label="Current Position" value="LatestLocation"/>    <!--does not work because precision of data is not inline with interval precision    -->   



                      <s:HGroup right="40">

                          <mx:Text text="Track Time Interval: {timeInt.value} Minutes "/>

                          <s:Label text="1"/>

                          <s:HSlider stepSize="1" minimum="1" maximum="60" id="timeInt" width="200" dataTipPrecision="0" change="timeInt_changeHandler(event)" alignmentBaseline="ideographicBottom" />

                          <s:Label text="60"/>





                          <mx:Text text="Display Time Interval: {Speed.value} Seconds"/>

                          <s:Label text="1"/>


                              <s:HSlider stepSize="1" minimum="1" maximum="5" id="Speed" width="200" dataTipPrecision="0" alignmentBaseline="ideographicBottom"/>


                          <s:Label text="5"/>




      This results in:



      As seen above, the slider (& corresponding labels) are not on the same 'horizontal line/position' as the mx Text (ex. 'Track Time Interval' but a bit above?

      I tried to put alignmentbaseline to all possible values but whithout succes.


      Any advice would be really great!