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    Best settings to choose at the start? (Game Footage) + Problem


      Greetings Everyone!


      So I have recently bought the CS5 master collection (after ages of labour saving up ) And I like to make videos. Lol. Sooo... I record my game footage with Bandicam (like fraps) , which has a special feature to make all settings aim toward Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro editing. So anyway, after lots of patience and tutorials, I start my sequence and drag some small clips in to edit. BUT! The clip starts out nice and then halfway through it lags like hell! These clips are like 10 seconds long. The origional footage is nice and smooth though.


      This happens with HDV, AVCHD and other settings. Then I export my 10 second clip to see what its actually like out of Premiere Pro and it stutters pretty bad. Hurts my eyes actually lol.


      So my question is - What settings should I select at the start of Premiere Pro CS5 so the clips are smooth and normal and wont stutter when I export them? Is there anything else I should change?