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    cfftp problems in CF8

      Hi all,

      I'm having a lot of trouble using cfftp on CF8. Identical code works fine on CF7.

      When I invoke the following function from a Model-Glue event : I get different behaviour in CF7 and CF8. In CF8 after the first request when I dump the connection I get a struct with the connection details and everything works fine. However, on the 2nd request, the connection is empty string meaning the open command didn't work. After much looking I found an object in the Variables scope called MFTPINTERFACE which is of type coldfusion.tagext.net.FtpHandler, containing all the ftp type functions (changeDir(), getCurrentDir(), openConnection(), closeConnection() etc.). I've found that if I delete this object from Variables the connection opens fine as on the first request. Presumably it is some sort of connection cacheing which misfires in CF8. Just to clarify, this object isn't there in CF7 when executing the same requests.

      Has anyone any idea what this object is and how I should go about resolving this?